What is the importance of sober, structured living?

As we always say at Transitions, recovery is a journey. It does not stop the moment individuals complete their primary treatment programme. In fact, this is just the beginning. To have long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol, we must continually take responsibility and care of the lives we lead. Establishing a safe and sober routine with the help of professionals helps to ensure our recovery is based upon a solid foundation, one which we can continue to build upon when entering back into the stream of everyday living. 


Returning to Our Old Life Unprepared…

The first few weeks and months following a primary treatment programme are some of the most important. Individuals depart from the care of a facility that has separated them from the outside world. Whilst the pressures of everyday life were removed whilst inside, they await upon exiting primary care. Diving straight into our old lives can create a danger of relapse, with the build-up of stress originating from our old lives hitting us with full force. Old drinking and using haunts, toxic relationships, drug and alcohol paraphernalia – all of these can be the trigger that can lead to relapse and undo the hard work completed in primary treatment. 

Creating a Safe and Sober Routine

At Transitions, we believe in creating a safe and sober haven for our clients where we can develop and foster skills for a sustainable and long-term sober life. We offer a dug and alcohol-free home with minimal lifestyle stresses. We aim to slowly integrate our clients into everyday living with support, care and compassion. 

Transitions believe that together we are stronger. Our team is committed to creating a supportive community whose main objective is the health and safety of our clients. We equip our clients with the necessary skills to live in the outside world without drugs and alcohol. Transitions houses are a step towards everyday living with more autonomy and responsibility than primary care but with the added support and safety of a professionally overseen sober community. 

Rather than jumping back into our old lives alone, Transitions help to develop and reinforce already learned skills for life as an individual in recovery. With constant care and support available, our clients are supported emotionally and physically as they begin to rebuild their lives as sober humans. With professional and peer support, clients are helped in every area and can help recreate their new and sober lives.

Bridging the gap between treatment and our new lives can seem daunting and downright scary. We believe the journey of recovery is better together and that having a safe environment to begin dipping back into the real world helps to protect our recovery and prevent relapse. 

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With fewer formal restraints than a primary care facility, Transitions sober living houses are designed to protect our clients against relapse as we help clients work through triggers and temptations of the outside world in a safe and structured environment. Our facility is here to support you on your recovery journey – are you ready?




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