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Details about the programme, admissions and related questions.

We advise a minimum stay of 60 days. However, as all of our treatment is personalised, we assess on a case-by-case basis, with recommendations based on clinical consultation.

Our program costs are tailored to each individual and their needs. We also offer discounted packages for those who are interested in staying for longer.

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Our aftercare services can be discussed on an individual basis and personalised to you

Please check your country's travel requirements. We comply with Indonesian Government COVID regulations.

As long as we have a signed ROI from the client in treatment, we will work with all associated parties to ensure that they are informed of updates.

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About Your Stay

There are lots of questions you are likely to have, and we’ve tried to answer a few of the most common ones here.

All clients are within walking distance of over 22 meetings a week inc AA,NA, CODA, SLAA, ACA

We have a zero-tolerance policy for relapse. However, in the event of relapse, we will ensure that clients receive the necessary support. We would review their return following a period of time and continued abstinence.

Regularly, randomly and suspiciously

Yes. We would require you to be stable and abstinent, enabling us to provide the best care possible from your entry into our program.

You will have access to your mobile phone, as the goal of recovery living is to prepare you for day-to-day life. We expect you to hand in your phone during group sessions so we have your full attention and all clients’ respect for each other’s time. If there is evidence of misuse, your phone may be confiscated.


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