The journey continues ....

Opened March 2021


Welcome to Transitions Bali,
the home of recovery.

Your journey continues here.

Transitions Bali is a sober house, located in the beautiful beachside Seminyak, in Bali, Indonesia. 

We provide a safe and supported post-rehab environment for people making the difficult transition away from drug and alcohol addiction. Drawing on decades of clinical and personal experience, we’ve created a structured sober living programme and nurturing community atmosphere, ideally suited for those in the early days of their recovery journey. 

Ideally suited to those who have completed residential rehab or who have 30 days clean, we provide a personal approach to recovery living, meeting our client’s needs wherever they are in their journey.  At Transitions, we work individually with clients to develop a robust relapse prevention plan in the first critical 90 days, supporting the long term transition to daily life.

Mental, physical and spiritual well being are foundations of a successful recovery and long-term behavioural change. Our programme focuses on prioritising and supporting the development of these aspects of a sober life. 

The Transitions Bali team is dedicated, passionate, and highly experienced and we take a unique approach. Rather than offering a conventional sober house or second stage living facility, we are focused on “Recovery Living”. Our programme focuses on change – learning and developing skills to help you manage the problems which underlie substance abuse. Our philosophy acknowledges that alcohol and drugs are not your problems, but rather your solution to the emotional and psychological challenges of life. By removing substances, these challenges are not removed and that’s why we aim to support mental, physical, and spiritual change which will create a new design for living, drug, and alcohol-free. 

We believe in people.
We believe in change.
We’re here to help.