What do People do for Fun in Recovery?

At Transitions Bali, we are committed to helping our clients discover exciting activities to keep them present and engaged in their new sober life. Building healthy habits to replace old maladaptive ones is critical when building a solid foundation for long-term recovery. 


The Danger of Reminiscing about the “Old” Times…

Active addiction takes up a lot of time! The finding and using of drugs and alcohol; the times spent in establishments with old drinking and using buddies – it can seem like everything in our ‘old’ lives revolved around drugs and alcohol – and the truth is, it probably did. We may reminisce about the old days – the exciting and social times we had with friends. However, we must consider the reality – we wouldn’t have ended up in recovery if it was all exciting and social. Indeed it is likely that the old days were eventually neither exciting nor social and most likely dangerous and isolating. 


Creating a New Routine…

In the early days of recovery, we learn to have fun and socialise without substances. Finding new and joyous activities that don’t revolve around substances can seem complicated at first, and this journey takes time and continual effort. At Transitions, we encourage our clients to redefine their experience of fun – here are a few suggestions from our team on what has lit a fire in them! 


Being active has multiple physical and mental health benefits, which is essential in early recovery as both our minds and body have been unduly affected by addiction. Exercise is a free and easy tool that can create a natural high and supports stress reduction, a boost in self-confidence and increased energy – all of which act as protective factors against relapse.



Getting into Nature

During our active addiction days, many of us became isolated both emotionally and physically. Nature is a natural healer, with calming effects on the nervous system that can help reduce stress and mitigate pain. Taking a hike or swimming in the ocean reconnects our mind and body to the world around us, warding off feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

Finding a hobby 

Have you always wanted to try pottery or surfing but have yet to have the time or energy? Well, a new shiny sober life may be just the ticket! Regular classes to attend and look forward to are an excellent way to spend your newfound free time and offer a new and healthy social network to tap into. Find what lights your fire in recovery and follow your passion!


Ready for a New and Exciting Life?

Entering into the world of recovery can give a fresh perspective on life. We can discover what brings us joy with new friends, tools, and a new lens. With a second chance at life, anything is possible! Transitions Bali is here to support you on your recovery journey, walking hand in hand as you take the steps towards your new life. Speak to us today to learn more!




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