Sober Living – The Next Step of the Journey

For those on the recovery journey, we know it does not happen overnight. Continual effort and action are required to meet the daily requirements of our new and exciting lives. Entering a sober living house after primary treatment can sometimes be the difference between recovery and relapse. The team at Transitions Bali is here to support you on your journey with a safe and sober environment to heal and develop after primary care. 


What Is Sober Living?

Sober living houses are private residences established for individuals suffering from addiction. These facilities are a stepping stone between primary treatment and the “real world.” With a range of services and supports that equip individuals with the necessary knowledge to live a happy and sober life, the main goal of sober living is to provide and safe environment that supports clients to heal. 

Clients are offered around-the-clock support and encouraged to follow a treatment program that includes group therapy, educational classes, and an active lifestyle. Easing clients back into society and endowing them with knowledge on how to live substance-free, sober living has become an integral step toward protection against relapse. 


A Typical Day at Transitions Bali 

7 am Wake up – Morning Routine (prayer, meditation and quiet time)
9 am Group Process
10:30 am Break 
11 am Group Education 
12  pm  Lunch
1 – 3 pm Holistic Therapies e.g. yoga, personal training, breathwork 
3 – 6 pm  Free time * 
9 pm Curfew

* Clients are expected to attend at least four 12-step meetings per week along with trying new activities and organising their own living requirements e.g. food shopping, journaling, maintaining social ties to home etc. 


The Advantages of Sober Living

A structured recovery program provides a routine for our clients to learn how to lead healthy and productive substance-free lives. Many have come to us after attending a primary care facility and are still emotionally getting back on their feet. Our sober living house encourages clients to foster and develop life skills with the safety and support of professionals on hand. With a growth mindset, clients learn new skills such as budgeting, emotional regulation, nutrition and health management, all whilst in a safe and sober environment.

Being surrounded by other like-minded individuals who are also committed to their recovery creates a supportive peer-based environment with clients learning together as a team how to live a life free from addiction. The Transitions Bali sober living house is nestled in the back streets of Seminyak, providing a quiet space for individuals to develop and grow away from the temptations of society. 

As clients develop more independence, they are encouraged on their recovery journey, preparing for the real world with counselling and clinical treatment readily available. 

If you are wondering whether the Transitions Bali program is for you, consider these questions…

  • Have you or are you about to complete primary addiction treatment?
  • Do you have a safe and supportive environment to foster and develop sober life skills?
  • Are you surrounded by like-minded individuals who also aspire to live a life free from alcohol and drugs?
  • Do you have access to professional support and care?
  • Are you struggling to maintain sobriety along with your personal and social expectations?
  • Do you need help in building a healthy and sober routine?
  • Would you like to learn how to live without drugs and alcohol in a safe environment with professionals?


Contact us today if you or someone you know could benefit from the structured support of our sober living house, Transitions Bali. We are here to support you and your loved ones on their journey to recovery, supporting them to be the best version of themselves with help in easing them back into everyday life. 

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