Our Extended Care Programme

Our extended care option offers support and safety beyond the walls of our primary residence. With all the elements of our secondary care program, our tertiary living option was established to create a long-term care structure and act as a supported stepping stone for our clients before re-entering society. 

Walking distance to our facility in Seminyak, graduates from our 60-day secondary programme have the opportunity to join our extended care program. Offering all of the benefits of our secondary schedule, our extended care option has been designed specifically for those who still desire a supported and safe structure but are also ready for more responsibility and accountability.

Why Extended Care?

Our extended care program aims to balance “support” and “independence”. As our clients develop their life and coping skills, support is slowly withdrawn, and our clients move towards full independent living. Our extended care clients continue to have access to the secondary program, their peers and the Transitions clinical team but have more responsibility and accountability, with the freedom to design their schedule according to their needs.

The semi-structured, semi-supervised and safe environment fosters life skills, preparing clients for full reintegration into society without support. 


Extended Care Support

Our Extended Care Program is tailor-made for each client, focusing on the necessary skills they will need upon returning home after treatment. Our clinical team will design a program that meets the client’s specific needs, whether working or between jobs, in a family unit or living solo. We are committed to finding the right mix of skill development tools to enable each of our clients to ease into everyday life once they leave the support of Transitions Bali.  


Transitions Bali  Secondary Care Extended Care 
Residential Living Quarters ✔️ ✔️
24-hour security  ✔️ ✔️
Group Counseling  ✔️ ✔️
Private one-on-one Counseling ✔️ ✔️
Peer Support  ✔️ ✔️
On-site professional support ✔️ Limited 
Facility directed schedule ✔️ Limited 
Autonomy within programme schedule  Limited  ✔️
Self-directed activities Limited ✔️
Free time and self-responsibility  Limited  ✔️ 
Accountability  Limited ✔️ 

Autonomy and Responsibility 

Our extended care clients are given more autonomy in what they do with their time whilst still having access to clinical support. Building a schedule that will support their ongoing recovery takes time and patience; our team is available to help support clients as they learn to employ the skills they learned in secondary treatment in everyday living. From budgeting to health and wellness to relationship building – our extended programme is the perfect option for those who desire more responsibility but with the added security and safety of professional oversight and support. 

Are you Ready to Change your Life?

Transitions Bali is here to support you on your recovery journey, walking hand in hand as you take the steps towards your new life. We are here to foster and develop the growth of our clients, preparing them for a life beyond their wildest dreams in recovery. Get in contact today to learn more!



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