Treatment Programmes

What we treat

Our programme use a combination of evidence-based therapy, education and community resources to equip individuals and families with a blueprint for recovery. Following the detoxification and stabilization carried out prior to joining Transitions, we will focus on a period of discovery which we believe is the first step on the road to recovery. 
Our fully structured treatment uses the Minnesota model. All clients will be equipped with coping strategies and relapse prevention plans. The rigorous programme covers the following areas of development:


  • 12 steps 
  • CBT
  • Individual Therapy 
  • Group Work 
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Goal setting 
  • Life skills eg. budgeting


  • Nutrition education 
  • Clean eating
  • Gym access 
  • Personal fitness training


  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Yoga 
  • Breath workshops 
  • Local ceremonies and festivals

We support clients who have struggled with any kind of substance addiction, from alcohol to any prescription or street drug. Individuals suffering from a substance use disorder often also have co-occurring disorders such as depression, PTSD, eating disorders or ADHD. We work with a range of experts specialising in these areas.

In the instance we are unable to treat a client, we have strong referral partner relationships globally who we can advise.

There are two different ways to access our treatment programme:

Recovery Living

This offers a conventional sober living experience. Clients engaging in our recovery living will stay with us on a longer-term basis, typically 2-6 months. This is best suited for anyone with under a years recovery.

Recharge Programme

Our recharge programme offers shorter stays, for those who have a well-established recovery. Clients accessing the Recharge Programme will stay for 1-2 weeks, using our committed and focused environment to boost their existing work and re-invest in their recovery. 

Programme suitability will be clinically assessed on a case by case basis, via consultation.

Family support

We believe addiction is a family illness and the impact on loved ones can often be devastating. Although we actively treat the addict in our care, we also offer full family support. We feel it’s paramount that the family recover together. We ensure that loved ones understand what is happening, and help to guide them through the process. With us, families and loved ones will learn how to cope and how to move to a better way of living.

What’s included in the price

  • Private Ensuite room
  • Fully serviced facilities; Breakfast, Pool, high-speed internet, laundry service
  • Full treatment programme including individual counselling 3x weekly 
  • Physical training such as gym membership, personal training, nutritional training
  • Excursions & recreational activities
  • Massage
  • Holistic services eg meditation, yoga
  • All airport transfers 
  • Visa applications and process

Please note: Lunch and dinner are not included in the cost but provisions will be made.